Re: GNOME Development Series Snapshot 2.3.0: "Mighty Atom"

On Sun, 2003-04-13 at 14:51, Stephane Demurget wrote:
> On Sun, 2003-04-13 at 20:14, Sean Middleditch wrote:

> > Great.  You use Galeon.  It happened to be the default.  That's just
> > you.  ;-)
> Er... I think you didn't understand my point. I'm highlighting the fact
> that there may be some default setting as per the Gnome desktop.
> The release team will have to make a choice : either Galeon or Ephy, for
> an integration purpose, if one is integrated in the desktop and you're
> not using it, that's your problem having to type your damn command line
> =)

No.  What I'd like is for my IM client to not need it's own browser
setting.  I already set it once for the desktop.  GAIM should just use

Hopefully the shared mime-type spec covers all this in the future, and
non-GNOME apps, like GAIM, can Just Work(tm) and not need to rely on
it's own setting.

> If you meant you would like gaim to follow your default applications in
> the g-c-c, I would understand it's an integration issue though =)
> Cheers,
> --Stef
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