[usability] Proposal for font settings

El mar, 19-11-2002 a las 21:21, Calum Benson escribió:

> There was a discussion about what the clearest term for a monospaced
> font was, but I don't recall any suggestion at that time that it would
> actually interact with the terminal preferences (if indeed it actually
> does, but that's the impression I got from Glynn's ui-review log).  I
> should dig out the archives and have a look, I guess  :)

	IMHO, it's clear that Gnome needs a centralized font selection. That's
the way Gnome is going. But it's clear too that a single global font
selection doesn't fit all needs. So I propose this ideas:

	* The global font selection should include a monospace font too.
	* Every application in which there's any possible use case for a
different font should only have one font selection point. It shouldn't
have a checkbox "Use system font". Instead of this, the font selection
widget should have two special remarked entries for system monospace and
variable-space fonts. The size of the default fonts should be modified
by relative values to the standard system fonts (50%, 70%, ..., in spite
of 12 pt, 14 pt, ...).
	* The default font setup for all Gnome applications should be set to
system variable font or system monospace font. Only in reasonable cases
it would be changed.
	* The font selection for a particular application would be better in
this application preference. So Gnome Terminal, Nautilus, etc, font
setup should never be in Control Center. Oh, pardon, maybe Nautilus
could fit in Control Center (a user should never know what Nautilus is
because IMHO Nautilus IS the core of Gnome desktop).
	* And, of course, there should be an official set of fonts. It would be
a forzed dependency for Gnome Desktop, and would lead to an standard
font selection and appeal for Gnome.

	:) Ufff, let me go on working

Jose Dapena Paz
Computing engineer
mailto:jdapena igalia com
Igalia, S.L. http://www.igalia.com

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