Re: lock down features

<quote who="Glynn Foster">

> > One suggestion that might be better than the HIG's current vagueness on
> > this topic is to have a tooltip on every insensitive control that
> > explains why the control is insensitive.  In fact this would be useful
> > regardless of why the control is insensitive, but I guess it would be
> > particularly easy to do for controls that are gconf-locked.  (Of course
> > you'd miss out on this if you've got tooltips turned off, though.)
> MacOSX has a little lock icon whenever the preferences are locked down -
> this to me was a pretty nice touch, although a little unobvious at first
> that you were unable to lock it by clicking on it and entering in a
> password. How possible would this be to do?

That's for locking down (and allowing users to change) system preferences,
though. All we want to do here is indicate that the widgets are locked, and
perhaps give a reason for it.

- Jeff

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