Re: UI Review Suggestions - Preference Dialogs

On Tue, 2002-11-19 at 19:34, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> The right course of action IMO is to nuke "use system font for window
> titles" so this is never disabled.
> Fonts that are *in* the system font dialog don't need an option to
> track the system font.

Yep, even better.

> > Also, does the "Terminal font" in this dialog really only apply to the
> > terminal, or does it apply to any GNOME app that requires a monospaced
> > font (e.g. in some Yelp docs)?  If it's the latter, it should be renamed
> > and never disabled anyway.
> There was an earlier thread about this when Owen added the option, I
> think.

There was a discussion about what the clearest term for a monospaced
font was, but I don't recall any suggestion at that time that it would
actually interact with the terminal preferences (if indeed it actually
does, but that's the impression I got from Glynn's ui-review log).  I
should dig out the archives and have a look, I guess  :)


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