Re: UI Review Suggestions - Preference Dialogs

Glynn Foster wrote:
o Background Preferences
	- <Gman> scrap the buttons, use radio boxes and update the large
	  image ;)

  Agreed. Maybe a GtkOptionMenu is a better choiche?

o Font Preferences
	- If Window title font is disabled from another place, then the
	  label should be greyed out as well - similarly for terminal

Yeah, right. but how do I know why this is disabled and how to enable it? (I am aware of Metacity's option, but why is this disabled by default?)

	- Difference between Application and Desktop font still confusing ;)

Just use a bigger application font for the desktop by default and remove this from the GUI (leaving the option in gconf-editor)?

	- Almost no difference for 3 out of 4 radio box examples
- perhaps only have one example box that showed current setting

Nice. And it would also be cool to have the example split with a zoomed and a normal version.

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