UI Review Suggestions - Preference Dialogs

Hey there,

Okay, here's the rest of the first weeks comments based on the IRC logs.

			Have fun,

				See ya,
					Glynn ;)

o Keyboard Accessibility Preferences
	- s/Beep when modifier is pressed/Beep when a modifier key is pressed/
	- Needs window icon
	- HIG frameless/bold labels 
	- s/Mouse/Mouse Keys/ in tab label
	- Need to add space between the 3 sliders/spinners on the Mouse tab
	- Mouse Preferences... button looks wrong - remove the frame, move the
	- 'Filters' is a rather bad label - can't think of a better one though
	- When you click on 'Import Feature Settings...' you get 'Import CDE...'
	  in the file selector dialog window title - needs changing to what
	  is on the button

o Background Preferences
	- Use the terms 'Tile', 'Center', 'Scale' and 'Stretch'
	- 'Color' chip should be right aligned with 'No Picture' button
	  when Style=Solid
	- <Gman> scrap the buttons, use radio boxes and update the large
	  image ;)

o Default Applications
	- Needs a window icon
	- HIG borderless/bold labels etc..
	- <Eimi> Could the 3 tabs be combined into just one page with 
	  (borderless) frames
	- 'Select a Web Browser:' and 'Custom Web Browser:' don't fit well
	  together - ones a verb and ones a noun
		- s/Select a Web Browser/Select a web browser/
		- s/Custom Web Browser/Use a custom web browser/
	- Remove the 'Command:' label, it's not needed
		- or perhaps just move the label and text entry down and 
		- perhaps add a 'Browse' button?
	- s/Start in Terminal/Run in a terminal
		- for consistancy with the Run dialog in the panel
	- Properties dialog in Text Editor should be moved into main
	- s/This app needs to be run in a shell/Run in a terminal/
	- s/This app can open multiple files/Editor can open multiple files/
	- s/Select an Editor:/Select an editor:/
	- s/Custom Editor/Use a custom editor:/
	- s/Select a Terminal/Select a terminal
	- s/Custom Terminal/Use a custom terminal/
	- s/Gnome Terminal/GNOME Terminal/
	- Command label and text entry moved down and indented
	- Exec Flag entry is too large
		- doesn't make too much sense, since the user is expected
		  to type %s in the Web Browser tab?

o File Types and Programs
	- No one seems to know what a 'Service' is
	- Treeview needs sortable columns
		- nice to be able to sort by extension
	- Treeview needs alternate stripey row entry things
	- applications:/// server-settings:/// start-here:/// preferences:///
	 trash:/// and system-settings:/// don't have descriptions
	- Add File type's No Icon doesn't have a mnemonic
		- give it a label and left align it?
	- Should use new HIG borderless frame dialog style
	- s/Filename extensions:/Filename Extensions
	- s/Run in Terminal/Run in a terminal
	- Choose a file category needs a window icon
	- Should have an 'Add' button
		- not obvious you need to type extension and then hit 'return'
	- s/Add:/Extension:/ if 'Add' button is included
	- If you add an image to a file type, then go back into the choose
	  image dialog, unset the image and return, the image is still on
	  the button
	- Actions frame is completely non-intuitive
		- What does 'Content Loser'
			    'View as Sample'
			    'View as Text'
			    'None' do? 
		- potential conflict with panel menu
	- Add Service needs a window icon
	- Borderless frames
	- s/Run in Terminal/Run in a terminal
	- What is a protocol
		- no one seems to know what this dialog is either :/
	- s/Program:/Command: 
		- since you might need to add arguments?
		- consistancy with default applications
	- Not sure what 'Custom' is supposed to represent
		- insensitive widget :(

o Font Preferences
	- Frameless/bold HIG stuff
	- If Window title font is disabled from another place, then the
	  label should be greyed out as well - similarly for terminal
	- Difference between Application and Desktop font still confusing ;)
	- Almost no difference for 3 out of 4 radio box examples
		- perhaps only have one example box that showed current 
		- laying them out 2x2 makes it hard to see the difference
			- perhaps 1x4?
	- No one knows what Subpixel smoothing is
		- Acroread4s Cooltype preference dialog just gives you 
		 	'Sample A'
			'Sample B' ..
		  and gets you to choose one, instead of blinding you with
		  jargon ;)
	- s/Resolution (dots per inch):/Resolution
		- have 'dpi' after spinner
		- could spinner be replaced with drop down menu?
			- only a few ranges, right?
	- Same comments apply to Hinting and Smoothing as above

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