Re: Windows XP-style login -- NO! Bad! Bad code monkey!

So, let me get this straight... You people use Linux because Microsoft is
evil and Windows sucks...but yet, you want to imitate Microsoft's desktop
design.  You, in effect, want bring to Linux the exact same shit you claim
to hate.

Read the last two lines over again before continuing. Let it sink in.

Jesus tapdancing Christ! I swear, some of you people must be so goddamn
stupid that you'de probably forget to breathe if Barney didn't sing you a
song about it.   The willingness of certain people on this mailing list to
rush headlong into building second rate knock-offs of Windows' glitter
simply and utterly astounds me.  The lack of genuinely creative thought here
is staggering. The majority of the people on this list are sheep. Rather
than sit and think about how to solve the goddamn problem for themselves,
they magically assume that everything Microsoft has built is inherentlly a
good design, and one that should be followed verbatim...its quite frankly,
sickening. You are bright people.  But you're wasting your time running a
race that you're guaranteed to finish in no better than 2nd place.

Its like youre trying to make something _shittier_ than a turd! And
struggling at it!

For God's sake, have ANY of you stopped and asked yourself _if_ something is
a good design before emulating it?

Anyone at all? If so, where the hell is this discussion taking place?


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> On Sat, 2002-12-07 at 11:24, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> > to "screen" with a terminal.
> >
> >  2. "Share my desktop" with easy GUI, means we need to be able to add
> >     VNC to any X server without restarting the X server.
> Wow, is that possible?  From your description it seems so; that would be
> really cool!
> I think that if we had this feature, it wouldn't be hard to add another
> feature I'd really like to see; a Windows XP style login.  I was really
> impressed when I used XP for the first time a while ago.  When the
> screensaver kicks in, you can log in not only as the current user, but
> as any other user as well.  So basically the screensaver just becomes a
> login prompt.  I find that very convenient, more than the current "New
> login" GDM thing (although that is nice).
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