Re: Windows XP-style login

<quote who="Colin Walters">

> > Some other posters have sort of mentioned that we can do this already.
> > GDM's flexiserver feature (Thanks George!) allows you to log in as many
> > times as you want - it just creates another real X server or Xnest.
>, maybe I am on more crack than usual, but doesn't this just
> create a new login session?  If I start my screensaver, I want to return
> to my previous session when I type in my password, not start a whole new
> one!

When you start a new (proper X) flexiserver, your current session is locked,
and you are thrown over to the GDM login screen on the new X server. When
you log out of that session, you are thrown back to the previous locked
server, which just has the normal xscreensaver login screen.

The way to fix this up to work like Windows XP would be to have a new
screensaver unlock window that looked like GDM, and allowed you to login as
any user, list the open sessions, and unlock active sessions in the same way
as logging in.

It's pretty cool now, "just" requires some integration work to do what you

- Jeff

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