Re: Windows XP-style login -- NO! Bad! Bad code monkey!

> So, let me get this straight... You people use Linux because Microsoft is
> evil and Windows sucks...but yet, you want to imitate Microsoft's desktop
> design.  You, in effect, want bring to Linux the exact same shit you claim
> to hate.

I do not "hate" Windows. I use Linux because Linux works for me. Of all
my choices, I found it to be the best combination of price,
functionality, and candy. "Microsoft is evil" and "Windows sucks" is
sooo 90's. I'm sorry, but those slogans have gone out of style. I now
associate them with clueless zealots. In fact, I shall call them
"religious extremists" or "fundamentalists". :-)

> simply and utterly astounds me.  The lack of genuinely creative thought here
> is staggering. The majority of the people on this list are sheep. Rather
> than sit and think about how to solve the goddamn problem for themselves,
> they magically assume that everything Microsoft has built is inherentlly a
> good design, and one that should be followed verbatim...its quite frankly,

Nobody is trying to emulate Microsoft here. Someone noted a feature that
he would like, and recalled that Windows (in this case) happened to have
a fairly nice implementation of it. Using this as an inspirational
starting point, people are proposing some code. We can't start a gui
revolution each week. Gnome has no lack of innovation in it, and I, for
one, am satisfied.

If you think the current discussion is completely off the rocker, I'm
looking forward to receiving an alternative RFC from you to this list.

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