I don't know what the real reason was for it, but I started last week
porting the gnome-network module to GNOME 2. I got approvement from old
maintainers to do what I wanted with it.

So, before I continue putting more effort into it (or finally just drop
any work on it and leave it in its current dead state), I wanted to ask
people what the gnome-network module should include.

That is, I need good ideas to motivate me to work on it :-)

As for now, I was only thinking on adding a remote login tool (part of
which I already added) that allows logins via ssh/telnet (just starting
a gnome-terminal with the correct command). As you can imagine, this is
not a very good addition to justify the revival of this dead module,
given that the old tools are, from what I've seen so far, not in a very
good state.

So, what do people think? any good ideas on small network tools that
would be nice to have in gnome-network?


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