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<quote who="Rodrigo Moya">

> So, what do people think? any good ideas on small network tools that would
> be nice to have in gnome-network?

Would you target gnome-network for inclusion in the Desktop release? If so,
its contents would have to be fairly widely appealing. Lots of good stuff
that I think is appropriate.

  - PPP setup & dialer: Rodney mentioned this, and I think it's a really
    good candidate. Trouble is, it's kinda distro-specific nowadays, so it
    would need to have an architecture similarish to GST.

  - rfb/rdp client: rfb is the VNC protocol, rdp is the Windows Terminal
    Services protocol. We already have xvncviewer and rdesktop, so perhaps
    just a frontend to these would be appropriate. TSClient [1] needs a bit
    of UI love, but it's a good start for rdesktop.

  - ssh/telnet client: I'd love to have a little ssh/telnet bookmarks clicky
    clicky thing. :-) If they appeared on a menu, that would be even better.
    (I have a set of .desktop files that I use in a panel menu, which is
    really useful, but I have to create these myself.) If it had ssh-agent
    integration (perhaps pop up a dialogue for passphrase when gnome-session
    starts under ssh-agent) and key generation/copying, that'd be waaay

  - gnome-vfs modules for various network filesystems, such as NFS, SMB
    (already in extras, I know), Bastien's server browser thingy, gnutella,

  - Perhaps pull the network-specific gnome-applets into it (sharing code
    where appropriate, eg. modem-lights, etc)?

There's a few ideas... Useful?

- Jeff


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