Re: Windows XP-style login -- NO! Bad! Bad code monkey!

> Jesus tapdancing Christ! I swear, some of you people must be so goddamn
> stupid that you'de probably forget to breathe if Barney didn't sing you a
> song about it.

Too bad all your energy is wasted on cheap knock-offs of SNL retorts that 
fail spectacularly at trying to be funny, instead of learning how to code 
and put your money where your mouth is.

Even if you had ideas that people could find good or might be willing to 
implement, at the way you're going about it nobody here will ever get to 
them, just because nobody would "want to work for" someone like you.

You're just badmouthing everyone doing anything and taking the "open 
source development model" as an excuse to do it.  I actually might have 
liked color-reactive desktop, but with you being such an asshole about it 
it's no wonder nobody ever got working on it.  You're really bringing 
nothing to the table that is the wonder of open GNOME development.

Beside that - can anyone help me with a good .procmail line to filter out 
mails from Bowie in the future ? Or, maybe if other people feel the same 
way, we could just do this once on the main gnome server ? No point in 
doing distributed computing when we can cull mails like these at the 
source ;)

I'm all for open-source and discussion btw, but when someone just looks at 
your self-imposed "rules" and mechanisms and willingly goes out to make a 
travesty of them, well, what can you do ?



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