Re: Preferences [Was: a whole lot of other things, too]

Rui Miguel Silva Seabra <rms 1407 org> writes: 
> So how do I decide which preferences to have? 
>   You keep the preferences as they show up, and only prune those that
> can become unnecessary if you can fix the problem they're there for. 
>   Other than that, you should still set a resonable (this is very
> subjective) set of good (this is also very subjective) defaults, so you
> reduce the need of tuning for joe user, but still keep the advanced
> settings in an area you're only going to if you want to 

So here you argue that all prefs anyone submits or suggests should exist...
> > Each preference has a number of costs, as I outlined in my article.
> > Do you disagree with those costs?  Question Two: If you disagree, why?
> > Give rationale addressing each specific cost.  If you don't disagree,
> > how do you suggest we have "all" preferences without incurring massive
> > costs?
> The world is not black and white.
> man gcc, count the options.

But here you don't actually answer Question Two.

If prefs have a cost, that seems to imply that you're wrong about your
answer to Question One.


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