Re: Preferences [Was: a whole lot of other things, too]

Havoc Pennington <hp redhat com> writes:  
> Camera ---> What do you actually configure about a camera? mine has no
>             options of interest. minus 1

Oh, another thing I thought of - I bet much of the time the right
hardware UI is going to be "it just magically works" - certainly
there's no reason my camera shouldn't magically work. It works with
zero intervention on Windows XP. On Linux all that's missing is that
there's no way I know of to map from the USB device to the scsi device
you need to mount, and then we need an automounter that does the
mount. Nautilus will then put the camera on your desktop and you're
good to go.
Similarly, when we start up the computer and DHCP is available,
there's no reason anyone should have to configure networking, they
should just get networking. The kernel can tell you which ethernet
cards have a link, and we can then automatically try to start up DHCP
using them.

This sort of thing should really be done in the init scripts or other
system level in many cases.


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