Re: Thunderbird backend project: finished, call for testing

Hi there,

Thank you for the tips. I tried it all, but I did not get a clean thunderbird install modifying my old account. I think the cause of the errors were not the old data which has not been deleted but old usernames in the prefs.js config file. The imap mailboxes appear there as imap://username imapserver tld Well, the server settings of my provider changed so the username changed, too. So I had different usernames in my connecting settings and in the spam, trash, template and draft folder settings. And there were old identities and accounts in the prefs.js, too. I deleted them years ago, but some prefs were still there.

So I did a clean reinstall of my profile and now it works. Thank you for your work. It is great to have a working thunderbird plugin finally. :-)

Well, I still have some problems:

1. Some mails are indexed twice. Possibly I just have to reset the index and start a clean indexing.

2. Deleting a mail does not seem to delete the index entries of this mail. Beagle still keeps finding it (twice).

3. As it was before without thunderbird plugin I can not open a mail. Beagle tries to open a new instance of thunderbird/iceape.

4. Beagle does not read the settings of the preferred applications of Gnome. I have my own thunderbird installation in /opt, and Beagle tries to open /usr/bin/iceape. Thats the wrong one.

Thank you very much for you work!

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