Re: Thunderbird backend project: finished, call for testing


I'm gonna respond to both your messages here.

What kind of accounts do you have? The first error message you got (about not being able to list messages) should be "fixed" in a commit I made a couple of days ago (to my SoC branch (so dBera, if you read this, please merge that patch with trunk)). I _think_ that message appears for some mailboxes where the database file has been removed but not the message bodies, so I worked around that. If that patch doesn't work, than I have no idea on how to fix this issue. The documentation is pretty crappy and I can't find any other ways to list messages.

The other error message you are seeing (TypeError: account.incomingServer has no properties) is an even bigger mystery to me. Just interpreting it makes me believe that you have an invalid account of some sort. It basically says that you have an account without an incoming server where the incoming server would be a POP3, IMAP or other source. This should not happen. You haven't "messed" around with Thunderbird manually in any way, have you? Could you try backing up your old configuration ( e.g. moving ~/.thunderbird to another location) and start from scratch, adding one account at the time, and see if it works? Might help isolating the issue. Just want to be sure that there's nothing wrong with the set-up since these messages should not appear (and I'm not able to reproduce them myself in any way). Especially try with an IMAP account.


Pierre Östlund

On 8/22/07, Paul Wellner Bou <paul purecodes org> wrote:
Hi again,

Is there a way I can help you debug this? I am trying to understand the
code but as I didn't wrote any thunderbird extension yet, I don't know
so much about this.


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