Re: Thunderbird backend project: finished, call for testing

On 8/23/07, Paul Wellner Bou <paul purecodes org> wrote:
I removed all old files and directories of my Mail, ImapMail and News
directories I had in .thunderbird. I keep getting the warning messages.
I haven't tried with a fresh and clean profile as I have some accounts
and Identities and I don't want to set up all those things from scratch.
But I'll try if I have time.

Did you try this with at least revision 3880+? My patch didn't appear in trunk until then. Please do try from a clean slate when you get some free time as well. It seems very strange to me though that the Thunderbird API provides invalid folders to the developers like this.

I wonder if there is a way to get more information out of this error
message. Is it possible to know which account the indexer is using?
Which account doesn't have an incoming Server?

I just made another commit that will print more information. The account key (which can be used to track down the account) as well as the email address of the sender associated with the account will be printed. You should enable the "dump"-function by typing this line in the error console (found under the tools menu):

Components.classes [';1′].getService (Components.interfaces.nsIPref).SetBoolPref ('browser.dom.window.dump.enabled', true);

It's one line. After doing this, start Thunderbird from a terminal. You should see some extended information printed which hopefully will help you determine which account(s) is the bad one. Hopefully you'll be able to determine the account based on the email address too. Some accounts (like the RSS implementation) are not associated with an email address and will we displayed as "Unknown". If this is the case then you'll have to do some manual investigation.

The line printed starts with the "account key", which is the word "account" followed by a number (e.g. "account2 ..."). Write this down or remember it. Now you need to open the " prefs.js" file, which is the primary configuration file used by Thunderbird for one profile. Thunderbird usually store its profile directories in ~/.thunderbird or ~/.mozilla-thunderbird. A random named directory can be found in one of these directories and that's the directory in which you will find the " prefs.js" file. Just open it and browse for a line looking like this:

user_pref("mail.account.account2.identities", "id1");

Where "account2" in the middle is the account key mentioned earlier. The important thing you will need from here is the "id1" value (the number in the id string will most likely be something else in your set-up). It's the identity connected with the account. The identity is basically the sender information, like your name, email address, signature and things like that. Once you have the id string, you should now look for other strings in the same file beginning with:


All these lines adds metadata to the identity. I think it will be pretty easy from here to figure out which account is causing the problems. Let me know if you have any problems.


Pierre Östlund

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