Re: Tracker to be default search provider in next Ubuntu release

> waste/overkill. If there were to be a simple tagging library (I have
> thought about rewriting portions of the leaftag project and reviving
> it into a more realistic solution).
> Fair enough, _if_ leaftag (or a similarly API'ed derivative) were to
> be cleaned up, maintained, and made available, would that be a
> viable/reasonable solution? I would have no qualms about doing the
> revival work for leaftag if we were planning on using it. Right now,
> it seems to have dead-ended somewhat.

I would say, to start with, just write a simple sqlite tagging
library. And use a Util/TaggerHelper.cs kind of thing to talk to it.
The rest of the beagle will talk to the Util code. Use obvious enough
interface, so that the simple tagging library can be swapped out
later. That will give us a solution good to go. I am more interested
in getting the interfacing between beagle and the tagger done than
spending the time after the tagger.

One thing I am not sure about the tagger is the kind of things it
should tag. Semantically, it should tag any user data. But somehow the
applications should recognize the tags, it does not make sense if only
beagle (insert favourite service here) can set/get the tags. The whole
desktop wide tagging thing requires more thought than just maintaining
a table of (uri, tag_as_string). Nepomuk is trying to do it and is
anything far from simple. Thats why I say start with a simple one, get
the interfacing correct and then we can worry about which one to use.
I have a feeling there will be enough problems in beagle during

> I'll try to get a working Gusty package this weekend. It probably
> won't be super hot from a packaging standpoint, but if we can at least
> get it running reliably.

If you are making the package, use:
branch-0.2.16 (thats was named incorrectly, but its the real 0.2.17)
  - a few important patches were merged in that branch after 0.2.17 went live
+ the evo-sharp patch as Joe mentioned
+ r3771, 3773 (fixes the problem of constant recrawling if inotify
watches are exhausted)

I dont remember anything else that can be marked critical.

- dBera

Debajyoti Bera @
beagle / KDE fan
Mandriva / Inspiron-1100 user

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