Re: Roadmap for the future.

On Fri, 2004-02-20 at 12:53 +1300, Andrew Ruthven wrote:

> Ahhh...  That sounds like a good idea.  It could be interesting to
> listen to the D-Bus stuff that RB and the like generate.  Is u-dev
> doing that yet?

I'm not sure I follow your meaning here.  udev is just a userspace
program for creating /dev nodes in userspace.  It fires off d-bus
events, which are currently picked up by HAL and do all sorts of
interesting things.

> This way we don't need plugins for everything...  Although we don't
> have the focus information for free unless we have another component
> that's doing that.

We might just want to hook up to libwnck for toplevel focus.


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