Re: Roadmap for the future.

On Thu, 2004-02-19 at 18:53, Andrew Ruthven wrote:
> This way we don't need plugins for everything...  Although we don't
> have the focus information for free unless we have another component
> that's doing that.


Just listening to random shit on the d-bus is not gonna do it for us.

Two reasons:

        1) There is intelligence that goes into the choices of what
        information to stuff into a cluepacket, what relevance to mark
        it, etc, that will not map to the things people send down the
        2) The dashboard is not a notification system, it's a tool that
        shows you useful information related to what you happen to do
        doing at any given time.  Not useful information related to the
        fact that your hard drive is now 91% full, thank you d-bus.

Also, the focus stuff you said.

See, this is why I didn't want to go down the D-BUS path.  It's really
easy to get confused about what we're really trying to accomplish here. 
Mechanism and intent are too easily confused.

So, let's just put this issue to bed.  No D-BUS.


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