Re: Roadmap for the future.

On Fri, 2004-02-20 at 13:00, Martin Sevior wrote:
> Yes I agree with this. I was thinking through what would be needed to
> provide an AbiWord front end to dashboard. We have a nice mechanim for
> following focus but in the end it still means adding a few lines of code
> to the main codebase to signal focus changes to dashboard.

There has been some though into how we can watch what has focus.
But we can probably only see what program (or rather window) has

> Also, I guess this point has been raised before but I will ask it
> anyway. Why not use DBUS for signalling instead of sending to port
> 5903?  

Up until recently there weren't any C# bindings for D-BUS and at
the start of the year they went through an API change.  It may be
time to look at switching over to it again.

I still think we should support 5903 so frontends can be on other
machines on the LAN.  ie, I'd run Dashboard on my notebook, but display
the windows on my desktop (bigger screen) and run xchat on my desktop.
I'd like to have xchat feeding into Dashboard when it's running.


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