Re: [Banshee-List] banshee+monoaddins+opensuse

I dont mind adding a build target to link against a more updated
version of mono if someone has usage for it, but be warned that if
people update other apps built against a different version might stop

I still don't know why you think you need to pull a newer mono for this
mono-addins issue. MonoAddins is a package completely independent from
and you can pull a new version from it without tinkering with the rest of
mono-related packages.

OBS allows me to create a built target using any number of
repositories I want, since mono-addins is maintained on Mono:Factory,
linking against that repo would use the latest mono framework and

I see! Well, then in my opinion what should happen is that MonoAddins should
be moved to Mono:Community repository, not to Mono:Factory.

I don't understand much of the Mono layout on OBS, Stephen has helped
me when I needed, I did updated some packages and did some tinkering
for older systems (SLE11). It's probably something that the best way
would be to talk with the Mono maintainers. I know that Mono:Factory
is important because that's the development project for openSUSE
Factory, whatever goes to openSUSE is taken from Mono:Factory.

I've submitted yesterday mono-addins 0.6.2, but that's my role there,
if I find something that can be updated, I'll submit the update, and I
submitted to Mono:Factory after asking Stephen what would be the
proper recipient.


So, I'm not sure I'm follow this entirely, but what you might want to
do is just link to the mono-addins package in the Mono:Factory
project.  That way it will rebuild against whatever mono is currently
available in that repository whether it be 11.4 or factory.


PS. If you do have to have a newer mono, you could build against the
Mono:Factory repository (or which ever mono repo) and then require the
user to add that mono repo.  A 1 click would make that more

Stephen, the issue is the other way around. Nelson doesn't want to pull a newer mono, just a newer mono-addins (and MonoAddins is as independent to Mono as other apps like F-Spot & Banshee, as it's all managed code and works on MS.NET as well).




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