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On 10/04/2011 04:05 PM, Nelson Marques wrote:
2011/10/4 Andres G. Aragoneses<knocte gmail com>:
Hey Nelson, you mind answering a couple of questions about this:


On 10/04/2011 01:22 AM, Nelson Marques wrote:


Banshee 2.2.0 from the Banshee repository is build against the
dependencies provided by the base system (in your case openSUSE 11.4),
this means it was build against mono framework and mono-addins
provided by 11.4. Since 11.4 doesn't provide all the dependencies we
add the ones missing, a list can be found here[1].

I did some changes[2] with the introduction of banshee 2.2.0, one of
them was to remove some packages from the mono framework (ex:
mono-core) and mono-addins because if people installed them it would
break other applications (F-Spot and GNOME Do are 2 known cases).

Break applications in what way? You have logs or URLs of bugs about this?

Applications stopped working, didn't even launched. This was reported
to me by a user in #opensuse-gnome, and F-Spot was one of the
identified applications that stopped working. A few days later I've
seen complaints ago GNOME Do as well.

Also like two weeks ago, a user on this list also confirmed this
situation. I haven't opened a bug report because with the introduction
of Banshee 2.2.0 SLE and SLE11SP1 would not provide the dependencies
to build banshee 2.2.0 (ex: gstreamer), so I wiped those packages.

If you need any kind of report or deeper look into this, I can
replicate that behavior and get a branch with banshee linking against
a different version of mono-addins and pull the logs from f-spot.

Well, at least a stacktrace of the problem when launching the application under a terminal, would be the minimal thing to ask.

I dont mind adding a build target to link against a more updated
version of mono if someone has usage for it, but be warned that if
people update other apps built against a different version might stop

I still don't know why you think you need to pull a newer mono for this
mono-addins issue. MonoAddins is a package completely independent from Mono
and you can pull a new version from it without tinkering with the rest of
mono-related packages.

OBS allows me to create a built target using any number of
repositories I want, since mono-addins is maintained on Mono:Factory,
linking against that repo would use the latest mono framework and

I see! Well, then in my opinion what should happen is that MonoAddins should be moved to Mono:Community repository, not to Mono:Factory.

Please tell me if I'm assuming something wrongly? Thanks

I don't think you are assuming something wrong.

Thanks for the follow up.

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