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Banshee 2.2.0 from the Banshee repository is build against the
dependencies provided by the base system (in your case openSUSE 11.4),
this means it was build against mono framework and mono-addins
provided by 11.4. Since 11.4 doesn't provide all the dependencies we
add the ones missing, a list can be found here[1].

I did some changes[2] with the introduction of banshee 2.2.0, one of
them was to remove some packages from the mono framework (ex:
mono-core) and mono-addins because if people installed them it would
break other applications (F-Spot and GNOME Do are 2 known cases).

I dont mind adding a build target to link against a more updated
version of mono if someone has usage for it, but be warned that if
people update other apps built against a different version might stop

During the introduction of banshee 2.2.0 to openSUSE 12.1, we've
updated a lot of packages, so I would consider updating to 12.1 when
it's released.

I'll drop a post within the next days in Banshee Planet[3] and
openSUSE Planet[4] on how to run a custom build of Banshee through
OBS, though people should understand the risks that some operations
involve :)

[1] -
[2] -
[3] -
[4] -

All the best,

2011/10/3 Klaus Zeitler <info klauszeitler de>:
> Hello,
>>>>>> "gnomeuser@gmail" == gnomeuser@gmail com <gnomeuser gmail com> writes:
>    gnomeuser@gmail>
>    gnomeuser@gmail> That is most definitely a bug then. Can you please
>    gnomeuser@gmail> file it ( along with a
>    gnomeuser@gmail> Debug log showing the issue
>    gnomeuser@gmail> (
> well now I'm back at the other problem that I reported :-(, i.e.
> that "banshee --debug" crashes.
> You mentioned in your other response that I should upgrade mono-addins.
> According to the YaST Software Manager I have mono-addins 0.5-4.7.1
> and framework 0.6.1-2.1 and I can't see anything newer to update to.
> Maybe I need to add some development repository. Currently I use:
> All_of_Packman.repo
> Banshee.repo
> Banshee:Unstable.repo
> openSUSE-11.4-11.4-0.repo
> repo-debug.repo
> repo-debug-update.repo
> repo-non-oss.repo
> repo-oss.repo
> repo-source.repo
> Updates-for-openSUSE-11.4-11.4-0.repo
> Thanks
> Klaus
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