Re: Please Support Right To Left Direction

صهفا لاشمسش
خص يخ ÷ فغحث بقخة مثبف فخ قهلاف

On 15/04/08 17:44:42, Pawel Salek wrote:
On 04/14/2008 07:29:13 PM, Ali49969 wrote:
>  Hi
> I am an Iranian user and the language of Iranians is Persian and
> direction of this language (Persian) is Right to Left.
> I use Balsa and there is no option in Balsa for change direction.
> Please, Please and Please add support write emails in right to left

> direction.
> Very thanks.

I do not really have much expertise with such languages but I am
to work to get it running. I think specifying the input shouldn't be
difficult since we use standard gtk widgets.

Can you identify issues that should be addressed? Are you able to
email? Read it?

Hi Pawel,
I think:) you should refine the way, the external editor is used by balsa.

At the moment to write in Hebrew/Arabic ecetera
you Have to change the gnome text editor to Katoob

via desktop>sytems preferences>preffered application on the gnome desktop.. ((This wont work in some distros such as debian))

Then choose edit>edit with gnome editor from the compose window of balsa.

If you could choose your external editor from preferences within
balsa and launch your external editor from an icon on the compose window toolbar I think it would be easier.

regards Peter

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