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Am 19.04.08 16:12 schrieb(en) Ali49969:
I think I should send my emails correctly as Right To Left with HTML format, but Balsa dosent option for sending emails as HTML format. In HTML format I can make a template for sending emails. This option is there in Outlook Express in Windows OS.

Please post such questions to the list, not to an individual, as it is quite likely not to get an (usable) answer in the latter case. E.g. my part in Balsa is more about security stuff (GnuPG etc.)...

Just to give you a few comments on the HTML issue (although Paweł and Peter are a lot more competent here): Personally, I *really* dislike HTML messages, for a number of reasons:

- they may or may not be displayed properly, it *completely* depends upon the implementation of the mail client. Usually, if you display them with a different application than the one which created it, the result will be ugly at best. IMHO a plain-text message is always cleaner.

- HTML is a *security risk* as it may embed any kind of nasty stuff, scripts, external links etc. These risks usually hit Windows users (i.e. Linux, Mac OS X, etc. are safe), in particular M$ Outlook has a long history of exploits. Thus, e.g. the German Government's "IT Basic Security Manual" recommends *not* to use html [1, 2]. If you really need formatted contents, use PDF attachments which have a low risk of carrying malicious data. *Never* send formats like DOC, XLS, PPT, or the OpenOffice counterparts (ODT, ODS, ...).

Just my €0.01 though,

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