Re: Please Support Right To Left Direction

Am 15.04.08 22:10 schrieb(en) Ali49969:
No, No you don't understand my mean.
The Persian language supports in Balsa and I can write my emails in Persian language. I only say Balsa dosnt support change direction.

I see - writing this english text I now copy'n'paste again ئابةتثجحس (complete crap, I'm afraid... ;-) and continue in English. But the direction is still correct... Again, I don't know how to switch the keyboard on the fly, but it seems to work!

Does the "direction change" you are talking about work when you open gedit and then type the same you would type in the balsa composer? Balsa and gedit use the same Gtk widgets, so they should behave identically. If gedit also does not do what you expect, it's a Gtk bug/feature which we cannot fix ourselves, sorry! It would then be helpful if you could report it to the Gtk bugzilla.

This is very usefull when we (Persian users) want use English words in between Persian words. In this times, direction of email become disassembled special when reciver of our emails use web mails, example Yahoo Email service.

Oh, yes, Web mailers are *always* a special problem! Actually, I don't know *one* which *fully* fits to the standards. One of my German providers doesn't even treat the special German character "ß" in my name properly... :-/

You can check yourself, though, that balsa orders the characters properly: when you look at the message source -
here شص you should see in the source something like

"here =D8=B4=D8=B5 you..."

which means that after the English "here " the two arab utf-8 chars 0xd8b4 (ش, right!) and 0xd8b5 (ص, left!) follow. So Gtk+ *does* treat the direction properly, doesn't it? Maybe the web mailers you mention re-sort the characters to "fake" the direction change. But IMHO this is not correct.

Cheers, Albrecht.

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