Re: Please Support Right To Left Direction

Am 15.04.08 09:44 schrieb(en) Pawel Salek:
I do not really have much expertise with such languages but I am willing to work to get it running. I think specifying the input shouldn't be too difficult since we use standard gtk widgets.

Afaik, all Gtk widgets will automatically switch to right-to-left mode once you enter right-to-left chars. I cannot do that with my (German) keyboard setting, but using the Character Map, I can copy'n'paste some, like

בגדהוזחטיךכםמןנ تشصكظضمهىىءؤ

UTF-8 is cool, isn't it? ;-)

So, basically you have to check (a) how to switch Gnome to a proper locale and (b) whether you have to change your keyboard layout to actually produce the "right" utf-8 chars. So I *think* Balsa should work fine already!

An other point would be the translation of strings, maybe you can help there (see <>)?

Cheers, Albrecht.

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