Re: 'Delete' v. 'Move to trash'

On 01/07/2005 07:01:46 PM, Pawel Salek wrote:
On 01/08/2005 12:40:50 AM, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
[ snip ]
- a new item on the Settings menu, labeled "`Delete' key
   binding", with programmed accelerator `Delete';

- this item pops up a dialog:

Why not make it a radio submenu? Just an idea...

My idea was that a new user who just hits `Delete', expecting it to do something, may not notice the menu item--but if it's initially bound to `Delete', it's activated the first time `Delete' is pressed. I don't believe a submenu can be bound to a key--and it couldn't offer the explanation, either:

   Balsa has no default action when you press the `Delete' key.
   You can choose to have it:
   [ ] move selected messages to trash;
   [x] toggle the deleted flag for selected messages;
   [ ] do nothing.

Why would one like to have Delete key unbound? Seems unlikely to me - probably because I have this KISS principle written on a yellow note that got stuck to my screen.

Just for completeness, I guess !-)


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