Re: 'Delete' v. 'Move to trash'

On 01/04/2005 02:58:37 PM, Andrew Conkling wrote:
Is it possible to bind the delete key to 'move to trash' or to make that the default action when deleting messages? It's very convenient and habitual to use the Delete key to 'delete' messages, but it's also very convenient to have the messages not actually deleted until you really want them to be.

Since `D' (single key) is bound to `move to trash' and `ctrl+D' (two key combo) is bound to `mark as deleted', having `Del' (single key) as an alternative for `mark as deleted' is useful. Binding `Del' to `move to trash' would give us two single-key bindings for that action, and only the `ctrl+D' binding for `mark as deleted'.

For me at least, `mark as deleted' is *really* useful for handling imap spam, 'cos my trash box is local, and I *really* don't want to download all that stuff just to delete it!



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