Re: 'Delete' v. 'Move to trash'

On 01/06/2005 09:15:49 AM, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
The issue is that Delete is added as an alternate key-binding for `toggle deleted' (using gtk_widget_add_accelerator), and that seems to remove it from the pool of keys that are available for reassignment. Ctrl+= is added as an alternate to Ctrl++ for `zoom in' in the same way. Gtk appears not to support multiple key-bindings in a way that is consistent with reassignment.

Perhaps Balsa should not grab keys in that way. D = `move to trash' and Ctrl+D = `toggle deleted' are Balsa's long established bindings. We could remove Delete as an alternate, and let each user assign it by choice.


The problem with removing 'Delete' as a key binding is that we will get lots of complaints and then RequestForEnhancements in Bugzilla. Although I don't use it myself, most people expect the delete key to work. It does in every other GUI mail application I've tried.

Remember that the default for current Gnome desktops is not to allow user binding of keys in menus. That has to be enabled with gconf-editor. So many users will conclude it can't be done.

Having said that, can the delete key not be mapped like the other bindings so that it can at least be easily changed by those with gconf knowledge?

Also, being stuck in the dark ages of POP3, I've never used IMAP to any extent. All my mailboxes are local files, so I always use move-to-trash. Is toggle-deleted only used by people with IMAP in general? Could we take advantage of that to have only one delete command which takes an appropriate action depending on the mailbox type? Probably not, but I'll ask anyways.

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