Re: 'Delete' v. 'Move to trash'

On 01/07/2005 03:02:23 PM, Craig Routledge wrote:
On 01/07/2005 11:31:38 AM, Andrew Conkling wrote:
I hate to be stubborn about this, but in two other programs--Rox and Terminal--the Delete key does just that, but if there is no shortcut and the key is pressed, it becomes the shortcut, just as I wish for it to in this case.

I don't know what they do differently, but I just wanted to make mention that it's possible.

Interesting. You might want to discuss it with the GTK people. I would think that sort of behaviour should be implemented upstream, not hacked into lots of applications separately.

Not necessary--the issue is the way that Balsa adds `Delete' as an alternative accelerator. If that's removed, so that `D' for `move to trash' and `Ctrl+D' for `toggle deleted' are the only accelerators, you can bind `Delete' to either one in the usual way. As Andrew noted, what happens is that first the existing accelerator is removed but not replaced (I guess that's the standard meaning of hitting `Delete'), and the second time you `Delete', it establishes `Delete' as the accelerator.

That setup seems to offer the most flexibility--all that remains is deciding how to cope with user reaction to taking away an accustomed accelerator!


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