Re: 'Delete' v. 'Move to trash'

On 06/01/05 22:22:49, Craig Routledge wrote:
Having said that, can the delete key not be mapped like the other
bindings so that it can at least be easily changed by those with gconf

Wait, Craig; are you saying that it *is* possible if I edit gconf?

Also, being stuck in the dark ages of POP3, I've never used IMAP to any extent. All my mailboxes are local files, so I always use move-to-trash. Is toggle-deleted only used by people with IMAP in general? Could we take advantage of that to have only one delete command which takes an appropriate action depending on the mailbox type? Probably not, but I'll ask anyways.

Similarly 'stuck' using POP3. Deleting immediately has very little use for me and I'm surprised that the Delete key does that by default rather than moving the message to trash. Similarly, I've never used "Toggle deleted".

At this point, I don't care at all what happens by default when I press the Delete key; I just want to be able to map the Delete key to "Move to trash"--frankly, I don't mind if I have to go a roundabout way to do it either.


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