Re: Hard-coded colors

În data de 07.03, ora 23:41, Peter Bloomfield a scris:
> The inactive link color is configurable, but the mouse-over  
> (under_lined) color is hard-coded as red.  Perhaps we could hard- 
> code them both, but modify them based on the theme--something  
> like pure blue (red) mixed with the foreground color?
> Peter

Are you talking about the way Balsa HEAD handles colors? If not, 
and you know a way to configure the color of the links within 
GTK+ 2.x I would very much want to know how it can be done. 

Regarding a way to derive proper colors for the links without 
user interaction, I think there is one basic rule of thumb. And 
the logic behind it is pretty simple.

Case 1: Is the user using a regular theme (black text on grey 
background or whatever)? Use straight blue and straight red, 
#0000FF and #FF0000.

Case 2: Is the user using a dark theme (light colors on dark 
backgrounds)? Use proper blue and red colors that look good 
against black/dark backgrounds. #3264FF and #FF3264 should be 
just fine.

I don't think there is another case in a normal environment. 
For readability reasons you need contrast between the 
foreground and the background. Thus when creating a theme 
you have to go one way or another, there is no middle way.


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