Re: Hard-coded colors

On 03/07/2004 04:16:26 PM, Misu Moldovan wrote:
[ snip ]
> I only know about one pref that Balsa really needs in order to
> look great with dark themes (maybe that changed with GTK+ 1.3. 
> x,
> didn't have the time to check it). It's the color of the links
> (URLs). GTK+ has a hard-coded blue color, and that cannot be
> changed within a theme AFAIK. Balsa solved the problem a long
> time ago by implementing it's own color for links.

The inactive link color is configurable, but the mouse-over  
(under_lined) color is hard-coded as red.  Perhaps we could hard- 
code them both, but modify them based on the theme--something  
like pure blue (red) mixed with the foreground color?


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