Re: Icon theming for Balsa

On 12/29/2004 01:11:09 AM, Andrew Conkling wrote:
On 27/12/04 10:15:51, Peter Bloomfield wrote:

Bluecurve doesn't provide some icons that Balsa would like to use: gnome-mime-message-* and gnome-mime-multipart-* come to mind. The Balsa tarball comes with (identical?) 48x48 png files for multipart/mixed and multipart/alternative, but they don't seem to get installed anywhere. How should we handle these?

I'm confused; does Balsa expect to get all its icons from Bluecurve?

Oh, no--but presumably it should, to the extent that themes provide them; in the past, users have pointed out that Balsa used different icons from Nautilus for the same file types.

If not, the solution is either to use "standard" stock icons (which Bluecurve should know about) and/or to communicate to the Bluecurve devs that they have some icons missing.

Yes--to avoid clutter (visual and code-wise), Balsa uses stock items wherever we're aware of them; Albrecht has suggested that where there aren't any, Balsa could provide its own using gtk_icon_theme_add_builtin_icon.

I know from my contributions to Lila that missing icons are the bulk of the work and that, when most programs demand whichever icons they please, we answer with more icons. (I'm not sure what the freedesktop people would have to say about this--it doesn't seem like the best idea simply to add icons upon icons for program after program. I'm just speaking from the perspective of a themer.)

I'd hazard a guess that to keep the UI clear, you want as few distinct icons as possible, but no fewer--IOW, as a non-themer, I won't jump in on that one!

Sorry if I missed the point of your post, Peter,

Sorry I wasn't clear.



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