Re: Icon theming for Balsa

On 12/11/2004 11:48:45 PM, Andrew Conkling wrote:
On 11/12/04 18:34:42, Michael A. Peters wrote:
On 12/11/2004 02:00:11 PM, Andrew Conkling wrote:
Is it possible to customise the icons for Balsa? I would be interested in making an icon theme for the buttons to add to my GTK/Gnome icon theme, but I don't know which icon names to make etc. I searched my HD and Google, but didn't find any conclusive. Is there documentation for which icons it uses?

I think it uses whatever icons your current gnome theme uses.

Right, but which ones? My current Gnome theme doesn't have icons for most of the mail-specific buttons listed; thusly I'd like to add them. :)

From source, the balsa-specific icons can be found in balsa/src/pixmaps.

For binary packages, once installed, run "locate balsa_next_unread.xpm" to find the directory that contains them. GIMP can work with XPM files. Also, package managers can often display the files related to a package. e.g. "rpm -ql balsa |more"

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