Re: Icon theming for Balsa

Well Peter, it turns out almost all of the errors were naming ones....

On 24/12/04 10:51:19, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
On 12/23/2004 11:59:01 PM, Andrew Conkling wrote:
[ snip ]
Here's the rundown:
Toolbars: all work except for "Close" under Main Window

That's strange--that icon is handled no differently from the others, afaict.

This still doesn't work; what icon is this one looking for? (I think it should be gtk-close, but you should probably check what the other toolbars are using, since they are themed correctly.)

Message list: None of the status/attachment/encrypted icons work (For the record, I haven't tested the mailbox icons.)

OK--those are created differently from the toolbar items, using gtk_widget_render_icon(). The attached patch switches to gtk_icon_theme_load_icon(), which is suggested in the Gtk docs ( It seems to bypass the stock items in the GtkIconFactory, and go straight to the files--at least, I had to install Balsa's xpm files in /usr/share/icons/ hicolor/16x16/apps/ to get them seen.

Nope, naming issue; I had to add "balsa_" to the beginning of the info_* files; now I have to try the mailboxes, but I assume it'll be the same.

Message window: Only the "recheck GPG" icon works; the attachment and message parts icons do not.

The "recheck GPG" icon is the one embedded to the right of the headers? That's created using gtk_image_new_from_stock(), which therefore seems to be safe. The attachment icon is created the same way, but with a gnome stock name: "gnome-stock-attach"--you could try replacing that with "balsa_attachment" or BALSA_PIXMAP_ATTACHMENT. I find gnome-stock- attach.png only under Bluecurve.

gnome-stock-attach added to my theme.  Thanks!

Are the "message parts icons" the ones in the tree-view on the Message parts notebook page?

Yes, and they still don't work.

Menus: All of the "standard" GTK icons--copy, paste, close, help, etc.-- work, but the others do not.

That may also be a naming issue: Balsa passes e.g. the string "balsa_menu_new" to GnomeApp for the "Toggle New" item, but the xpm file is src/pixmaps/menu_new.xpm.

Correct; they all work now.

Great!  That's progress, right?

Tell me about it; almost there!

Thanks a lot,

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