Re: Icon theming for Balsa

Am 27.12.04 16:15 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
Bluecurve doesn't provide some icons that Balsa would like to use: gnome-mime-message-* and gnome-mime-multipart-* come to mind. The Balsa tarball comes with (identical?) 48x48 png files for multipart/mixed and multipart/alternative, but they don't seem to get installed anywhere. How should we handle these?

If we choose to open a new cvs branch relying upon gtk+ >= 2.4.0 I suggest to add icons for multipart/* and message/* using gtk_icon_theme_add_builtin_icon(). We already have some which could be used here, e.g. the "Forward message" icon (envelope with blue arrow below) for a message/rfc822.

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