Re: incorrect html mail display problems

On 2002.03.29 03:57 John Mellor wrote:
> What's involved in adding a configuration option to allow display of 
> remote html references in the mail message?

nothing. balsa doesn't speak http without direct user intervention

> I get a lot of mail that I cannot read properly unless I open it with 
> Mozilla instead of Balsa.  The general cause of this kind of problem 
> is the inability to display an external reference.

is any of this not spam like the one below ? i never seen a message
with hrefs that was not spam, barr intranet mail.

> e.g., here is the text of a fairly normal, but completely unreadable 
> message under Balsa, which is highly readable under Mozilla.  The 
> major problem is the inability to display the gif elements because 
> they are not part of the message itself.  Instead, they reference an 
> external site, and the mail reader is expected to get the file from 
> that site.  Balsa is not doing this.

of course not. balsa will not help spammers execute gif cookies or
do silly javascript exploits. the functionality you discribe belongs
in a www browser (note, it's present in the www browser you use to
read mail)

> Since some people are completely anal-retentive about security, the

i feel my bowels fill up already

> ability to get the graphics from a web site should probably be a 
> configurable option.  Unfortunately, I see no way to do this at 
> present using Balsa 1.3.4 or previous versions.

you just voluntered to write an http client for balsa :)

[silly html spam removed]

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