Re: I'm new to balsa and can't get it to work ...

Michael Broaddus wrote:
>   The Context/Transfer menu is actually found by right clicking on the
> highlighted messages. You will see an option "move" at the bottom of the
> menu that pops up.  Selecting move alone shows a list of most recently
> transferred to folders.  Selecting move->Folder shows a list of all
> possible folders/mailboxes to move your mail to.  The "move" entry was
> once named "Transfer". This combined with docs needing updated explains
> your confusion.

Yes, it's there. Rather obscure, though.
> Drag and Drop works, but a little differently than you might be accustomed
> to.  After highlighting messages to move, drag the *first* message that
> was highlighted to the mailbox/folder of your choice.  All messages will
> be moved.

Here's what happens to me:

- click on first message
- press shift key and click on last message
- all messages between first and last highlighted
- click on first message and drag to trash (lacking another destination)
- first message is moved, others are left.

> Note that there is a setting in Settings->Preferences->Misc named
> "Drag-and-drop moved messages by default" that should be checked if you
> wish this to actually move messages instead of copying them.

Thanks. It's now checked.


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