Why Balsa is so slow ? and other remarks

First of all, thnaks for balsa;
I have several remarks, which led me to suscribe to this mailing list.
First, balsa is very slow when it views long messages. It can
sometime freeze for several second when scrolling long messages such as 
mailing list digest.
Would it be possible to accelerate it ? Why not to use a viewer such as 
a html (galeon) window ?

Second, it would be nice to keep several balsa processes to be kept 
synchronized. For example,
there are some troubles when I launch several balsa processes by error. 
Some mails appear in one of
them but not on the one where I deleted it ! It would be nice to force 
the use of one single process.
I think synchronization should be very robust or the launch of several 
sessions forbidden.

Third, the window of message view is very large (in width) and can't be 
sized by the mouse !
What's the trouble ? It's also very slow and can freeze  ...


Note : I'm using balsa 1.3.3
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