Re: I'm new to balsa and can't get it to work ...

On 2002.03.28 00:13 Craig McCluskey wrote:
> Ok, so where is the Transfer menu? Where is the context menu?
  The Context/Transfer menu is actually found by right clicking on the 
highlighted messages. You will see an option "move" at the bottom of the 
menu that pops up.  Selecting move alone shows a list of most recently 
transferred to folders.  Selecting move->Folder shows a list of all 
possible folders/mailboxes to move your mail to.  The "move" entry was 
once named "Transfer". This combined with docs needing updated explains 
your confusion.

Drag and Drop works, but a little differently than you might be accustomed 
to.  After highlighting messages to move, drag the *first* message that 
was highlighted to the mailbox/folder of your choice.  All messages will 
be moved.

Note that there is a setting in Settings->Preferences->Misc named 
"Drag-and-drop moved messages by default" that should be checked if you 
wish this to actually move messages instead of copying them.

I hope this helps you.


--- Michael Broaddus <> ---
--- Thu Mar 28 08:46:53 2002             ---
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