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> > completely different. I'll try the Express  too for your confort... ;)
> >
> no need. it's the real one. i'm thinking it's something deep in the server
> that reflects both on MAPI and IMAP

however I've already done them. I can see thwe same behavior with OE 5.5 and
I _must_ click on the "+" to see the subfolders.
Differencies with Outlook are in the selection of  the folder; I must admit
that it's no bad at all. The server is defined just once and then all the
folders are visible in a "already-expanded" list. You can ask OE to show any
of them (seems a NGs manager) with one rule, you must see all parents of the
folder you wanna have showed otherwise you cannot see anything w/o error
> > Let me point out that with Exchange any kind of folder can include again
> > kind of folder and so on; is not mandatory for Foo or Bar in your
> > being Mail folder, they could be (e.g.) Task folders and at the same
> > containing Mail sub-folders
> they're 'Public Folders' inside 'Public Folders'

well, it happens also for personal mailbox and in this latter case certainly
they aren't public folders...

> > > > ==> Note: "Sent Item" via an IMAP folder... who do I have to bribe?
> > > i have a long standing bug open on

Isn't there anybody but me looking for this feature? :(

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