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Subject: Re: IMAP folders
> i use ... whatever outlook came with w95

wow! you have just two changes, make your choice: ;)
the free one: Outlook Express (with Internet Explorer)
Outlook '95 or '97 or 2000 with MS Office
oooops sorry, there's the Exchange client too!!!!!

I'm quite confotable your is the Express one; click on the "?" and then
I'm talking about the "real" Outlook and btw it works via MAPI... it's
completely different. I'll try the Express  too for your confor... ;)

> i mean like
> + Public Folders
>  |
>  + All
>   |
>   + Some folder
>    |
>    + Foo
>    + Bar
> When you click in Foo or Bar outlook stops for a bit, realizes they're
> and makes the + disapear and shows it as a regular folder. this sounds
> consistant
> with the recent change to the code and not showing the messages

I cannot note the delay because I use a remote Exchange Server and I must
wait dozens of seconds in any case!

However I'm seeing different behaviour; in your example when I click on
(e.g.) Foo I can immediately see the contents on the right... any kind of
item... messages, tasks, contacs ecc....
I must click exactly on the "+" to see the sub-folders in the tree!!!!

Let me point out that with Exchange any kind of folder can include again any
kind of folder and so on; is not mandatory for Foo or Bar in your example
being Mail folder, they could be (e.g.) Task folders and at the same time
containing Mail sub-folders

> > ==> Note: "Sent Item" via an IMAP folder... who do I have to bribe? ;)
> i have a long standing bug open on i never got around
> do it and don't have a clear picture of how to either. i don't think
> has atm :\

What do you mean with atm? The communication protocol? Matters?

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