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On 2001.06.18 16:26:10 +0100 Paolo Fiore wrote:
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> > I noticed even outlook has problems with exchange 'folders'. in the ...
> Carlos I use Outlook 2000 SP1 as client of an Exchange 5.5 and I can check

i use ... whatever outlook came with w95

> everything you want... unfortunately I didn't completely understand what
> does "folder" exactly mean. (My fault for sure!)
no, my fault :) i have nearly 0 clue about outlook :)

> However, here below what I see when O2k starts up:
> Al least two main level:
> - Public Folders
this is what i mean

> the tree on the left) to see the Mail folder and being able to click on it.
> I never noted any problem for showing them all.

i mean like
+ Public Folders
 + All
  + Some folder
   + Foo
   + Bar

When you click in Foo or Bar outlook stops for a bit, realizes they're folders
and makes the + disapear and shows it as a regular folder. this sounds
with the recent change to the code and not showing the messages

> Ain't a wizard, just gave a look how it works; and I cannot follow the cvs
> tree... I'm a newbie corrupt by RPMs... ;)
i should start making snapshot rpms again :)

> Hope this help at least for the effort I made to write it up in English!!!!!
tkx :)

> ==> Note: "Sent Item" via an IMAP folder... who do I have to bribe? ;)

i have a long standing bug open on i never got around to
do it and don't have a clear picture of how to either. i don't think anyone
has atm :\


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