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I don't want to start a troll but :
with Debian the libs dependencies are automatically solved by apt-get.
If you want a new software that depends on new library, it will figure out
and download and install this library. If an already installed library need
to be updated, apt-get will check that all programs already using this
library are updated if required.

And if you compile yourself code from cvs you can still use the debian
tools to generate custom package and then apt-get /dpkg will take care of
it too.

I believe that it's impossible to do this with a 'from scratch' system. You
need at least to manually keep current a list of dependencies. So if you
update a library, you recompiled all programs that use it. This is what
Packaging systems are for and the debian one is a must.

But I understand that Melanie only use some custom software that are build
against uptodate libraries and that the rest is installed from packages.


Le 2001.08.18 20:05:31 +0200, M . Thielker a écrit :
> On 2001.08.18 22:11 Len Philpot wrote:
> > That's not what I said - I said I was running into library VERSION
> > problems, with one (new) lib setting of a chain reaction of required
> > version dependencies. eg., I'd install lib x and it needed the next
> > version of lib y. I (try to) install lib y and it needs the new version
> > of lib z, ad nauseum. At one point, I had downloaded 11 packages to
> > satisfy dependencies and still wasn't there yet, so I just got tired
> and
> > stopped after a while.
> That's what you get when you use packaged modules, like RPMs. They will
> almost always require at least the library version installed on the
> packager's system.
> So, if you compile from source and maybe make a few symlinks to make
> autoconf happy, you will get by with way less libs to update.
> I also didn't want to attack anyone, but I believe that copying code
> should
> be avoided when possible. Code is an evolving thing and copied code tends
> to
> not get updated once it works. If that code is UI related, that may mean
> non-standard controls that confuse people. Different isn't better, it's,
> well, just different. Sometime it's worse.
> Look at Windows - many apps try to be different to the point of
> unusability.
> Melanie
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