Re: dnd of message changes mailbox

On 2001.08.17 19:55 Ali Akcaagac wrote:
> On 2001.08.18 02:49:13 +0200 Len Philpot wrote:
> > Well, I tried to install a 1.1.7 rpm and ended up in (library)
> > dependency hell... :)
> hell ?
> install complete gnome 1.4 or soon the gnome 2.0 then you know what
> hell
> is. balsa depends only on a few libraries. if you have gnome installed
> correctly (since balsa is a gnome compliant email client) then you
> *may
> need only* libesmtp installed to get balsa work correctly.
> > I guess I'll give it a shot someday again.
> simply, no gnome, no balsa :)

I'm running gnome 1.2, a complete install. It's not a question of not
having a particular library, it's specific versions that are required.

In general, I think (and certainly not only Balsa) that most Linux apps
are WAY too library-dependent. I don't understand why so many developers
use all these libraries instead of writing customized code, particularly
in places where the UI could be improved.

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