Re: Conference registration option

On 03/14/2011 12:58 PM, Akhil Laddha wrote:
I am fine if we can convince them to buy t-shirt (in parallel donate to
GNOME foundation) on such high price :-)

For donors, we target more for delegates, not students, delegate price is $ 11. We set a package of $ 20 for a package, in face it's 9$ for delegates we have only 50 tshirts, the 50 tshirts are for donation purpose, as proposed we can highlight that it is to contribute to the fund of the GNOME Foundation

Students can buy $5 tshirts you suggested on the spot

But if you think it's very crucial let's just set the price lower, however, please note we have to cover the cost...

Production cost of 1 tshirt is ~$3
excluded transportation from China + tax

As i have already pointed out we may print around 500 t-shirts locally
which will be sold around $5 per t-shirt if people in asia-committee and
gnome board are agreeing on our thoughts.

I will just trust you and let you handle the public registration and tshirts then :)


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