Proposal for GNOME 3.0 launch party goodies

Dear all,

One more project for GNOME.Asia Committee!

It is suggested to give incentives to GNOME 3.0 launch party organizing teams by providing them goodies if they registered their teams on or before a deadline. We can also make use of this campaign to gain publicity of the GNOME 3.0 release. A drafted proposal can be found on
Highlights of the proposal:
  • We target 100 teams (or more) who registered their GNOME 3.0 launch parties on or before end of Feb 2011
  • Suggested goodies include balloons, stickers, t-shirts, button badges, a few live CDs (GNOME 3.0) for demo
  • Estimated budget (production and shipping): around 6.3K USD,  average 630 USD / team
  • We provide other marketing materials online for local teams to localize and use in their events
  • Tentative timeline: mid December 2010 to mid April 2011 (from design / artwork to packages arrival to teams)
Your comment / input on this proposed project is highly appreciated.


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